Inflatable Doll Shopping Guide

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What is an inflatable doll?
An inflatable doll, also known as an inflatable doll, is an adult sex toy. Inflated to a near life-size appearance and size, they usually have a simulated vagina or penis that can be used for sex.















Use an inflatable doll instead of a real person to satisfy orgasms. Inflatable dolls are soft and flexible when inflated. When deflated, it is smaller, easy to carry and clean, and can be used again and again.

1. Weight: Inflatable doll is not too heavy. They weigh between 1kg and 7kg. Sex dolls made of TPE or silicone can be very heavy, several tens of kilos, but they are also very expensive.

2. inflate: Inflatable dolls need to be inflated for use and are small and easy to carry when not inflated. So the dolls are equipped with an air pump, and of course some dolls can be inflated by mouth.

3. Vital organs: Inflatable dolls have only the lower body organs and are made of soft silicone. They are available as single canal, double canal, large single canal and large double canal (vagina and anus).

4.Smell: Real dolls have no special smell, no plastic smell. But poor quality dolls may have unpleasant plastic smell. So when buying, ask the seller about the quality of the product, whether it smells of plastic, etc.

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Where can I buy an inflatable doll?

1.Local adult sex stores
There are local adult sex stores in many countries. In most cases, you can buy an inflatable doll. This is a very common and inexpensive product.
2.【】 online stores
If there is no adult store in your area or if the laws in your area do not allow it, you can buy online.

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