How wonderful that we have a good sex life?

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A good sex life is a wonderful experience for both boys and girls.
Anyway, who has who knows in the beautiful inflatable girl sex. Marital beauty is not happy, that aspect of harmony is also an important factor. Bed movement is not a simple mechanical “piston movement”, quality can not get up, it will affect family happiness sextoys for men; When the quality is high, the mood is happy, and it is also very good for health.

Decompression sleeping
When making love, hypothalamic pituitary gland can secrete a lot of oxytocin, sex doll for women can alleviate the pain of the body, especially have a headache;
It can also help relieve stress, lower blood pressure and help you sleep, ass making it easier for you to have a happy life and feel more relaxed.

Protect the breast
Passionate and harmonious sex life, there are many benefits to the breast. When entering the state of sexual arousal, women’s breasts will become more congested (at orgasm, it can increase by about a quarter); After sexual gratification, vagina pussy real sizes the congestion and swelling will subside naturally. This one periodic change, be helpful for promoting the blood circulation inside the breast, reduce mammary gland disease TPE sex doll. Nevertheless the premise is harmonious make love, but can induce hyperplasia of mammary gland lobule if inharmonious.

Prevention of cardiovascular accidents
A study published in a foreign journal silicone doll 18 sex. Researchers who followed 914 men for 20 years found no correlation between how often they slept with each other and their risk of heart attack. Even better: Men who did this more than twice a week halved their risk of a fatal heart attack compared with men who did it just once a month. That is to say, inflatable woman real sex when having sex, the selling force will not only not cause heart disease, but also benefit the reduction of the incidence…

Immunity enhancement
Sex can reinforce the immune ability of the person, sexual life once or twice a week, can make the anti-virus invasion ability of human body itself increases by 30%.
Sex increases levels of both androgens, which strengthen bones and build muscle, and are good for heart function, and oestrogen real erotic dolls to transform.
For women, estrogen can increase their sensitivity, increase skin elasticity, anti-aging, more feminine.

Improve memory
Several studies have found that regular sex helps prevent mental decline, and that more sex improves cognitive function dolls for sex.
Proper sex can help prevent brain aging and boost metabolism, delaying the speed of memory loss.