How to use your sex doll man?

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temperature controlled heating function
Plug the official standard AC power cord into the heater port located 20 cm below the left armpit of the real doll, and connect it to the 220 volt household power supply. The control unit emits a ticking sound and the screen displays the factory default setting of 48 °C and the real-time temperature after 4 seconds. When the function is activated, the surface of the True Love doll will feel warm or cold for about 30 minutes and approach body temperature for about 50 minutes. (Press “+” or “-” to adjust the heating temperature).

2) The heat is transferred from the inside of the love doll to the outside, the temperature sensor is placed inside, so it can not directly heat the hands, tendons and feet. (Note: This product will not affect the life of the product and will not cause damage to the product at temperatures up to 60°C). Wrap the RealDoll in a blanket when heating to warm it up faster. The product will remain effective for 5 to 6 hours after heating. (Special note: During heating, the Dutch woman should lie flat on her back with her hands outstretched and feet apart).

(3) When the red light comes on, the love doll starts to heat up and the control unit displays the real-time temperature. At this time, the temperature on the display will slowly increase to the set temperature. When the power is turned off, the green light turns on and the Realdoll stops heating. When the temperature on the display drops 5 degrees, the red light turns on and the Dutch Life heats up again.

During heating, the real-time temperature is displayed. If “Err” is displayed, the heating cable or probe is not connected.

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Second: Sound function

this product adopts MP3 file, the sound is realistic and humanized.
5V DC charging, built-in 4.2V-200 mAh battery, operating time 3-5 hours.
3) Power on: Press and hold the red button until beep; Power off: Press and hold the red button until you hear a beep.

4 Briefly press the red button to increase the volume; briefly press the green button to decrease the volume. The volume is adjusted to 3 levels. (This is the function of the overall volume control).

5 Press and hold the green button to set the next song. This is the function of the next song loop.

(6) When the main switch is on, you will hear a sound when you touch your chest or lower body. Depending on the intensity of the vibration of the breast or lower body of the love doll, the size of the sound varies from small to large, with a total of 7 levels; if the vibration is interrupted for 4 seconds, the sound returns to level 1 and continues to vary from small to large.

7 With this product, you can download individual sounds with a size of 4 MB. Press the Loop button to toggle the selection. Tap a single track to play it. (The company provides the audio content, which is then downloaded via an Android phone data cable connected to the computer.)

The red and green keycaps are placed as shown in the figure.

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