How to see the girl has a good feeling about you

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Take the initiative to contact you more often. If you and the other party is still in the ambiguous stage, you can try to talk to her about information that is not related to work. If you receive a reply soon after sending a message, it means that she is interested in you; if you do not reply for several hours, or only reply to your “oh”, “huh”, “eh” Such words, you can give up. If she takes the initiative to chat with you, asking you what you are doing, busy, busy with what, but also like to complain to you or vent their emotions. You can responsibly tell you, boldly go after it, the probability of catching up is very large.

The distance when getting together. Girls are always more shy and shy, unlike the boys are more big-hearted, not too aware of the image. When getting together, the distance between men and women is very critical. Sitting in the same direction, the distance between the two if greater than 50 cm, indicating that this time the relationship between the two is not close enough; less than 50 cm, indicating that the girl does not have any wariness of you. Around the hands and you chat, that the heart is not natural enough; hands naturally down, with a smile, listen carefully to your words, whether there is no good feeling, at least such girls are cultured and quality and connotation.

Pay attention to her eyes. Xu Ruoxuan has a very famous song “Eyes that Love to Smile”, which has a line written: “Leaving you I just found my eyes that love to smile.” This line says that the girl loves a person, the eyes inside with a smile. So be sure to pay attention to the girl’s eyes Oh. The eyes are the window to the soul, through a person’s eyes, you can observe her inner world to a certain extent. When shopping and talking with her, you can ask her what she likes to eat and what she doesn’t like to eat. When she answers, you have to pay attention to observe her eyes. Like and do not like the eyes that are shown, is not the same. Love a person, the eyes inside the glow; hate a person, the eyes inside are disdain.

The details of goodbye. And ambiguous object after dinner, after watching a movie, ready to go home. The boy should be a gentleman, drive to words, must first open the door for the girl, and then drive her home; if she will invite you to her house for a cup of coffee, hey, buddy, you have the opportunity to show. If she does not invite you, it does not matter, politely turn around and drive back.

It seems that anytime you are free, the probability of success of asking her out to play is particularly high. Many guys probably have no concept of how long a girl has to be ready to come out to play, I’m just saying a small thing here: many girls, will refuse to see their friends just because they forgot to wash their hair yesterday. You now understand it, for not washing hair can become a reason to refuse others girls, each time you see you have to spend at least an hour or more to do the basic state of going out, if the pursuit of beauty point effect, they dress themselves for two hours is not too much.

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