How to remove makeup from your doll?

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1. Use TPE-Safe makeup remover.

Place the cotton pad soaked with makeup remover on the doll’s face for a few seconds and then gently wipe off the makeup with it.

Please be sure to replace the saturated cotton pads promptly. Otherwise, a cotton pad covered with makeup will spread the makeup residue onto the doll’s face.

TPE sex doll has an even complexion and no blemishes to cover, so there is no foundation on her face. You just need to focus on removing eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. Click here to learn more!

2. Use mineral oil/baby oil.

Fold a piece of quality paper towel several times so you have a straight edge to work with. This will allow you to control where the oil goes, and where it doesn’t. Soak the end of the folded towel heavily in the oil. Wipe it across the area of the TPE you want to clean. For factory makeup, several applications may be required. Do not remove the factory eyebrows unless you know you can do better – just carefully clean around them.

Once makeup is removed, clean the entire area again with a clean towel and oil, the same method.

Allow to fully dry, around 24-36hrs. TPE will feel just slightly tacky to the touch.

If this is an area you wish to re-apply cosmetics to, do not powder at this point. Apply cosmetics, eyelashes upper and lower if needed, allow to set. If you have not done this before, test all materials on some scrap TPE like an insert to see how they apply. Watch YouTube tutorials for how-to if you want to learn, the process is similar.

Then gently powder with cornstarch using a large makeup brush. Use only the tips of the brush hairs – do NOT drag the brush across the TPE you will cause abrasion. Tap brush sharply on the edge of a washbasin to remove any excess powder, and lightly repeat the brushing with the empty brush to remove any excess powder.

If you screw it up, don’t stress. Just repeat the above steps.






























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