How to Keep Your Real Love Dolls

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If you decide to buy a sex doll, you can safely invest in your future sex life. If you don’t want the hard earned money to be wasted, you need to learn how to take care of sex dolls. People often complain that they bought cheap lifelike sex dolls, but this adult toy soon gets damaged. In fact, they lacked the ability and responsibility to take care of authentic dolls. This is a gradual process to take care of love dolls and prolong their life. Silicone dolls are more flexible than real women. You can take a different nasty attitude when having sex with a sexdoll. However, pay attention to the bone joints. Do not put pressure on your wrist or hand. If you like doggy style, be sure to put sex dolls on pillows and furniture. The feet are used to support the love doll, but cannot withstand extreme loads. Please do not endure sex. Water-based lubricants are also recommended in the anal canal or vagina. Oil-based lubricants can tear the skin.

Bath Doll It is better if you clean the doll thoroughly or wash it once a month with antibacterial soap. You can put the real love dolls in the bathtub, but do not immerse your head or neck in the water. You can separate your face from your body and clean it with a mild antibacterial soap or a regular damp cloth. Dry at room temperature.







Wig care Wigs are one of the most important things when you customize a real doll. Of course, you do not need frozen and ugly hair. Washing sex dolls wigs are a simple task. First remove the hair of love doll and wash your hair with a light shampoo. You can also apply conditioner lightly. Then dry the wig naturally. Use a wig stand if possible. Use a regular comb to look into the wig from the bottom up.

Bone Care Since sex dolls have a metal skeleton, they are lightweight and provide sexual pleasure. The movable joint gives the doll more flexibility, but at the same time, you have to realize that you don’t have too much weight to break the joint. Be careful when you move sex doll. Do not drop on a hard surface as this can damage the skeleton. Do not use sharp objects and do not stretch your limbs with great force. Remember that the manufacturer mounts the sex dolls in an upright position. If you put them in a bent position for a long time, it may damage or deform the body. However, please do not leave the real doll for a long time. It may also destroy the skeleton of the love doll. We have found that many people like to stand. However, energetic standing can also hurt real dolls.

Beautiful vagina, anus and mouth To ensure good hygiene, all three holes must be cleaned after each use. silicone dolls are less porous than TPE sex doll, but the risk of fungus growth is almost the same. If you are not a “clean” person, it is recommended to use a condom. Otherwise, pour mild antibacterial soap into the well and rinse with water. Use water until the soap is completely removed. Air dry the channel and use the updated powder inside and out.

It’s fun to have a satisfying sex life with a sex doll. But you need to be responsible if you are a sex doll. Most sex dolls come with instructions, and the company explains how to educate yourself and take care of the dolls. Please read this manual before using the doll. Never share your sex dolls with others to prevent contaminated diseases. Clean the vagina, anus and mouth regularly with antibacterial soap. We recommend using a condom to prevent the growth of bacteria. Water-based lubricants are used during intercourse to prevent tears. Show responsibility for a better sex life.

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