How do I take care of myself sex with silicone doll adult realdoll?

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Clean it after every sexual intercourse. If you cause confusion, develop a routine to clean the life-size realdoll sex doll. Fluids expelled from the body can cause bacterial diseases that are not healthy. Simply apply warm water and mild soap lightly to a cotton pad (or rinse ball). Avoid excessive use of detergents and hot water on the skin of precious, realistic silicone dolls as this will destroy their coating.

















It is recommended to use the appropriate storage space. Sex with silicone doll It is very important not to damage your hips, elbows, chest and other joints during normal positional movements. Think of her as a special family member and put her in a healthy environment when she doesn’t need it.

It is always recommended to read the manufacturer’s instructions and help you care for her. You also don’t want to break the warranty or service contract. These are the simple and common things that need to be done all the time, and your pretty real doll will be there for the rest of your life.

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