From the appearance to identify female is not a virgin

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Although this is the 21st century, an era of openness and freedom, but due to the influence of traditional culture, many people still have a virginity complex. So how to determine whether a girl is a virgin? Next, to tell you the judgment method.


Crotch and thighs
The crotch and thighs of a virgin are in one piece. This is because the virgin’s crotch is better closed between the bones. Unlike non-virgins, their crotch is loose and the two buttocks are like two baskets floating in the air when they walk. This is because as soon as a woman has her first time, her body’s gender awakens and her crotch joints naturally let go for 36 hours thereafter. The stretching of a woman’s crotch bone is the first time after the first night, and reaches its peak at the time of childbirth. So it is said that the first thing to look at is the buttocks in the case of virginity and non-virginity.

The lower jaw near the neck often due to the heat of the weather will be a faint red halo, stars, white and red, very nice, we call “virgin halo”. This is because after more than a decade of growth, the hymen is blocked from the menstrual blood since the first menstruation time and time again limited discharge, excess blood essence condensation, appearing on the face of the reason.

A girl’s speech has a sharp end, and when the hymen is ruptured and completed for the first time, her voice will be thicker and more muddy in the end. The point to note is that some women are born with a shrill voice and you need to listen carefully to determine if it is a virgin. This point of view is exclusionary for natural loud voices or lesions.

Usually you can pay attention to observe her walking posture, generally virgins will walk with chest and shoulders, mainly because virgins are relatively shy, but also less likely to show their body, so the vast majority of virgins walking legs are closed, and will not unfold too obviously.

Virgins’ breasts it grows upright, easy to tremble when walking, non-virgin breasts an obvious feature is near the arm where there is an outer curve, more sexy.

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