Freestanding Function for Sex Doll

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Freestanding Function for Sex Doll


Have you ever heard of the freestanding function of sex doll?

It’s a technology that enables dolls to stand on their own by sturdily attaching three bolts to the soles of their feet.

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However, the bolts on the soles are very hard, so if you’re a little careless, it’s very easy to scratch the floor.


Do I still have to add a freestanding function? I would like to share my thoughts on this issue.

First, let me draw a conclusion.


Freestanding is a very important feature, and you should add it if you can.

Why do I say so?

As I said above, the legs of dolls without a freestanding function are very soft, so it is possible for the legs to be crushed if the average sex doll weighs more than 20 kg and is standing without any protection. On the other hand, if you put bolts in the soles as a protective measure, the sturdy bolts will bear the weight of the whole body instead, causing very little damage to the doll’s surface. It can stand for a longer time.


If you buy a sex doll and never let it stand up, but if you are going to play with it standing up for a bit, even just a bit, it is safer to give it the ability to stand on its own to avoid damage. This is necessary if you want to protect your sex doll’s body.

I’d like to add a freestanding function to my doll, but what if it damages the floor?


It is true that if you make a sex doll stand on its bare feet and suddenly pull it up, the bolts in its feet could leave a crash on the floor. So what should you do to prevent that?


  • First of all, let’s get some doll shoes and leather insoles that are hard to break.

Leather insoles are usually sturdy and won’t get crushed or torn.Attach these insoles to the soles of your doll’s feet.


  • Put on socks (thickerones are better)


Once the insoles are attached to the soles, the next step is to make them wear socks to make the insoles more stable and also to prevent them from breaking the shoes one step more. Please be sure that the insoles go directly on the doll’s legs and into the socks. Otherwise, the socks might be destroyed by the bolts.

  • Put on the shoes.


When you put on the shoes, the bolts will not touch the floor at all, so it will not cause any damage. Also, if you take the above measures properly, the life of the shoes will be longer. This way, you can protect your beloved sex doll and also protect the floor. Two birds with one stone.


Lastly, for beginners, it may be difficult to get your sex doll to stand steadily, even if it has the ability to stand on its own. In that case, don’t be in a hurry, just try slowly. Usually, the first thing to do is to place the sex doll on the bed, keep the whole body in a straight line, and then open both legs to the right and left to some extent for balancing. Then, lift the body up and let her stand.


That’s all about the freestanding function,thank you for reading!

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