Find luxury love doll you the tips – A newbie at Sex Doll?

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1.silicone doll or TPE sex dolls?Most people are confused about these two materials. From the photo shows, you don’t know which one is TPE and which one is silica gel or other inferior material. Some embarrassing vendors use this vulnerability to trick consumers into playing the edge ball. There are no clear material specifications, do not chooseLuxury love dolls. Back to the two commonly used materials, both silicone and TPE are soft materials. Silicone has the advantages of temperature resistance and easy cleaning. TPE sex dolls are more flexible. If you are looking for a natural feeling, you can choose a TPE sex doll. If you like durability, buy a silicone doll. By the way, TPE sex dolls are much cheaper than silicone.









2 Size and weight
Why do I list this feature in the second place? Unlike inflatable dolls, lifelike sex dolls are solid models that almost weigh like real women. For example, a 155 cm TPE sex doll is almost 82 pounds. Please consider if you can easily lift a heavy doll. The higher the heavier.

3 skin color. Natural, tan, black, wheat, do you like the color of sex dolls? 3 additional functions
Stable sex dolls or normal, built-in or removable vagina.4 other preferences. We respect each person’s preferences. Flat chest, big breasts, huge buttocks, thick lips, pockmarked face, teeth or no teeth, closed eye dolls or usual type.Some people also consider storage space. If you have any problems with selective dolls, please leave your comments and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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