Exploring New Horizons: 5 Exciting Sex Positions to Try with Your Sex Doll

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Looking to spice up your sex life with your sex doll? Experimenting with new positions is a great way to add variety to your sexual routine. Here are five amazing sex positions to try with your sex doll that will take your pleasure to the next level: 1. The Cowgirl: Have your sex doll straddle you while you lay back and enjoy the ride. 2. The Doggy Style: Get on your knees and let your sex doll take it from behind. 3. The Spooning: Get cozy with your sex doll and enjoy a relaxed and intimate experience. 4. The Reverse Cowgirl: Switch things up and have your sex doll face the other way while riding you. 5. The Missionary: Keep it classic with this tried-and-true position, but try it with your sex doll’s legs over your shoulders for a new twist. Remember to always use lube, and make sure to clean and maintain your sex doll after each use to keep her in top condition. With these exciting sex positions, you and your sex doll will surely have a thrilling and satisfying time together.

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