Does your Realdoll or love dolls have a half wig?

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The so-called half wig realistic sex doll. Half wigs have an integrated headband, which is part of the wig. In my opinion, it looks very good. You can’t even tell it’s a wig because you can’t see the end of the headband and the beginning of the hair. In most of the normal wigs, the scalp is clearly visible. You should know that these wigs have one thing. In the wig there are two, one in the front and one in the back:If the realdoll wore this wig, in a few days you will stay in the small hole in his head. These marks are permanent. He also left a line on his forehead from the headband – but it disappeared a few hours or more after I took off the wig.You can’t see many holes in the picture, but if you look directly at his head, you can see them clearly. It doesn’t matter because real doll always wears a wig that covers those holes, but it still does. With UV light you can see the hole better.





As you can see, it doesn’t look good. To prevent this from happening to your sex dolls, you just need to make a small correction if you have to buy a half wig. Put the tape on it. I only did it in the previous one, that’s enough. I have never encountered any questions since. Remember that it is a wig. So if your love doll is wearing a wig, you will not be able to see the video tape.That’s it. Easy to adjust to avoid small holes in real sex doll head. I have many wigs, this is definitely one of my favorites.Highly recommended. Remember, if you leave the wig for a few days, you will find the line in front of the headband. Even if it’s not permanent, you can always avoid it – so change your wig every other day.

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