Does this mean that Chinese dolls can only be used for sex?

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Does this mean that the Chinese dolls can only be used for sex?
Those who want a love doll don’t even know what the role of a sex doll is. If you want to tell me, the magazine can tell you a bunch: You don’t have to be Mr. Healthy Sex. Away, etc. But does that really mean that luxury love dolls can only be used for sex? Wrong! You can call her a silicone doll, a simulated doll, or a real doll, but you can’t help but know that she can’t be a doll you can get off on, or a love doll! You can call her a silicone doll, a simulation doll or a real doll.









You need to know that you respect “her” when you see her using “her” and not “it”.
Simply put, she is a companion, a partner, both mentally and physically. This means that the role of a TPE love doll or silicone doll is not solely based on sex, but rather companionship and comfort.

In the case of an awkwardly beautiful and really real doll, more attention should be paid to these temperament characteristics of her person, not only the seductive breasts and fat, but also the charismatic beauty, the pure and refined fairy, the delicate and noble golden leaf or the vibrant health of the sunny and sporty atmosphere, and instead of just rudely calling her “as she is”.

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In “her” company, “she” will be with you whether you are poor or foolish, good-natured or ordinary. She will grow from a shy, pretty, distrustful former “friend” to an integral part of your life.
As you look back over the years, you have grown older. Maybe you’re thinking: The years you spent with her were so wonderful. If you had a choice, you would have met her at the beginning of your life. Then, quietly and sharply, the old light of the old lamp lived up to its name. Maybe you should tell her the same thing – it’s good to have children.

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