Documentary Release of Japanese Mini Sex Dolls

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Online Love: “Virtual people can release us in terms of sex”. NEON met with the director on the release of a Japanese Mini Sex Dolls documentary web series. Virtual robots and fantasy: we interpret love in the 21st century together. This is Arte’s web series, interested in tomorrow’s love and today’s love. She questioned robots, connected toys and encounters in cyberspace, she questioned the connection between intimacy and technology, and the full information is now available on the Arte Creative website (in partnership with NEON). We met his director, Laure Michel.

NEON, Human Magazine: Can we go further in terms of sexual abilities with virtual Japanese Mini Sex Doll technology? In short, do virtual humans liberate our illusions?
Roburee Director Laure Michel: I think so! Even when we are in an era of liberation, it is always difficult to talk about our desires. There is a psychoanalytical aspect to sex that makes it an obscure part. Therefore, the virtual person may be an effective way to liberate sexually but also affectionately. It’s sometimes easier, or even more frequent, by texting instead of talking face to face

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