Do lesbians need protection to have sex?

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With the change of times and ideas, many countries and regions have become more open to homosexuality sex doll fuck. But at the same time, they also face health problems, and today we look at the neglected health of lesbians.

Most LES had low awareness who invented sex doll of sexually transmitted diseases

Driven by physical and psychological desires, LES also have sex with each other, usually sex, oral sex, or with adult sex devices.

Studies have shown that due to poor protection awareness of LES, such as the phenomenon of multiple sexual partners, sex toys for men the insertion of unclean adult sexual instruments, and the occurrence of oral and anal intercourse, both parties are more likely to be infected with bacterial vaginitis and other gynecological diseases than heterosexual women.

A data survey showed that among 163 LES surveyed, only 41.6 percent of them thought that homosexual sex would cause sexually transmitted diseases or reproductive system infection easily, 13.5 percent had sex with full body sex doll homosexual sex, 8. 0 percent had sex with homosexual sex, 20. 3 percent had sex with homosexual sex during menstruation, and 8.1 percent exchanged sexual equipment with homosexual sex. 76. 5% are exchanged without cleaning or disinfection.

Which diseases are more common for LES?

Compared with heterosexual women, LES had poorer overall health and higher rates of certain diseases, not only genitourine-related diseases, but also mental health and certain cancers.

① The infection rate of urogenital tract infection and sexually transmitted diseases is higher

Because of more sexual partners, do not pay attention to sexual health and other reasons, LES has a greater chance of sex doll inventor bacterial vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, gonorrhea, condyloma acuminatum and other diseases.

②LES mental health problems can not be ignored

Because of the social discrimination, family pressure, violence and sexual assault, and other factors than heterosexual women, sex doll meme this leads to the mental state of most LES is not as easy as imagined.

③ Increased prevalence of polycystic asian sex doll ovaries and POLYcystic ovary syndrome

④ Other diseases are also at higher risk

LES were more likely to be obese and had a 1.6 times higher risk of cardiovascular disease than heterosexuals. Meanwhile, another study of tpe sex doll premenopausal women found that lesbians had a 1.2-fold higher risk of breast cancer than heterosexual women.

You can do this on a daily basis

Keep a good state of mind, can effectively avoid the occurrence of mental illness.
Use protective tools and pay attention to hygiene

Protective tools may include but are not limited to oral membranes, female condoms, etc. In terms of hygiene, people should refrain from plush sex doll promiscuous sex and pay attention to the cleanliness of fingers and sexual instruments to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive tract infections.

Regular screening

Early detection and early treatment, and ai sex doll regular screening can choose from the cervical and breast cancer screening programs that are currently in place in women.

Finally, one thing we all need to realize is that sexual protection is important for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation.

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