Do boys really have to be circumcised?

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A lot of men understand foreskin is too long it is bad to the body, want to be done in time to undertake operation treatment sex doll video, so foreskin did not have a bit use to the male?

Although the foreskin of some children slates long who invented sex doll, but still can turn over, can expose the glans, at ordinary times clean is done well, did not produce serious inflammation to infect, such circumstance can cut also can not cut.

How to calculate foreskin too long?

Different doctors have different criteria for judging foreskin anime sex doll length.

Normally, the standard that urological surgeon judges is: if the length that the child’s foreskin grows exceeds penis length 1/3, think it is foreskin too long.

Cutting is generally not recommended before age 3

The male baby that just was born about 97% can have the phenomenon of phimosis, but this belongs to physiological phimosis, it is normal, rise gradually with age, arrived after 3 one year old, can improve slowly.

Do not worry too so sex doll ownership an agenda for research, should see the child whether to have foreskin too long, phimosis, be in commonly after 3 one full year of life.

The effect on sex life

1. Increases sexual pleasure. The feeling is particularly acute at the lacing.

2. During sexual intercourse or masturbation tpe sex doll, the inner and outer plate of the foreskin is in a sliding state, with a comfortable “rolling” feeling

3. Because the inner and outer plate of the foreskin ai sex doll itself has sliding, it reduces the friction on the vaginal wall, and can avoid painful intercourse.

4. Excess foreskin can stimulate the partner’s genitals, obtain carefree.

5. During erection, provide the skin needed for elongation of the penis to avoid feeling bound.

6. The foreskin stores pheromones, sex doll robot documentary 2020 which are released during sexual arousal to stimulate your partner’s desire.

7. The foreskin can store natural lubricating who made the sex doll fluid (preejaculatory fluid), released when sexual excitement, sexual life play a lubricating role.

8. Make the glans the focus of visual stimulation plush sex doll during sexual arousal.

9. Provide a temporary container for semen to reduce wear and tear on the vaginal walls.

(1) Protective effect

1. Protect the glans by avoiding excessive sex doll video keratinization of the glans skin and keeping it soft and moist.

2. Protect the “thin skin” of the glans head from injury.

3. Protect the nerves of the glans head to avoid damage to erectile function.

4. In children, protect the urethral opening from contamination or urinary tract infection.

5. There are antibacterial components in foreskin secretions, among which lysozyme is quite clear, which can play a role in killing and inhibiting bacteria.

6. Protect the hentai sex doll non-pigmented glans from sunburn.

7. Protect the insufficient blood supply of the glans from frostbite.

What kind of foreskin needs an operation

Generally speaking, phimosis who invented sex dolls requires surgical treatment, the prepuce is too long depending on the case.

If the bacteria often cause balanitis, or secretion and sediment accumulation serious formation of foreskins, it is necessary to actively seek medical treatment, if necessary, surgical treatment, so as to avoid long-term chronic inflammation and foreskins scale stimulation, induce serious lesions.

To married man, prepuce is too long still may make partner produces candida infection sex doll for men, cause vaginitis, cervicitis and other gynecological disease, this kind of circumstance also wants to treat as early as possible.

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