Dennie – Japanese Anime Mini Sex Doll Flat-chested Companion – 130cm

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Dennie Good Milk Girl Real Love Doll Innocent And Cute 130cm

Doll size
·Bust * Waist * Hip:62*39*62cm
·Foot length: 17 cm
·Vagina Depth: 18 cm
·Anal depth: 10cm
·Oral depth:12cm


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Real Doll’s method of checking out of the box is unclear

According to A, the love doll is so beautiful that it can completely replace her and effectively reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases such as STDs and HIV.
B said that he usually works under pressure and has no girlfriend.
C said that married men can use it even if they are separated or pregnant, and it can also reduce the incidence of derailment.
D said that they curb sexual crime and that the ratio between men and women in China is unbalanced, so real dolls can solve sexual repression.

The real models developed recently are 1:1, beautiful and exquisite, increasingly well-lit and very similar in texture to real people, so they also attract a lot of attention. The box check is afraid to go back to more embarrassing, more embarrassing in fact, you can use some methods to avoid this embarrassment.

1, You can tell the courier needs a model for the photographer to take pictures, buy love dolls are used as models, love dolls. Very realistic, just like a model, buy back a photo, only once, can be used more than once, but you do not?

2, also said it is said that they are engaged in body art, this love doll can help you create your own real love doll body so well, will help us create inspiration, right?

3, Give the show to a single friend around you, you can pretend to be a courier very quiet, this is to help the single guy around you to buy or deliver to him.

4, you can say you are the owner, of course, this is nothing to sell, this time to achieve is to send the factory inspection or whatever.

Big data shows that the number of people buying sex toys is increasing. You might as well buy a real love doll from the courier across the street. That’s right.

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