Daily care of a lifelike love doll

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Dr. Kato shows you how to take care of lifelike love dolls and make them goddesses.





clean the baby. Do not rely on others’ unfair cleaning methods, such as using alcohol or gasoline. 8. bright stores make you buy colored paste. Anyone with common sense knows that colored paste attacks real love dolls, and that’s fine. Add normal, clean water, bath water. It should not be dirty. Use olive oil or other oils, pour them on a cotton pad and try to make everything healthy. Except for large and very heavy stains, you can use a depigmentation cream, but otherwise it is not recommended. Depigmentation products can attack real dolls and should only be used once every 24 hours.
Wig care, if you are going to buy a real sex doll, you need to know a little common sense, love dolls need care. The same goes for hair, but if that’s too much trouble for you, tie it twice a month and wash it once a month. Wash your hair in the same way, but you don’t need to rub the curls, just rub them lightly. Do you want to beautify your wig? After washing, mix the conditioner with water and leave it for 30 minutes, take it out and let it dry naturally. If you’re really lazy, you’ll have to wear braids and make do with cast-off clothes. There are plenty of excuses not to say it every time you can’t do it. In fact, you’ll find it very easy to deal with.
3) Problems with dyeing If you’re not good at dyeing, don’t buy dark clothes If you really want to buy something, at least buy something expensive. It also doesn’t hurt that there are over 10,000 Real Love dolls that wear 9.9s. If you still decide to go with the 9.9, at least wash the clothes before you put them on, as this will greatly reduce the chance of stains and possibly powder on the baby before you put them on! Talcum powder is a normal care product. If the manufacturer is not able to improve the oil and feel, then powder more and you will be pleasantly surprised. Don’t be afraid of stains. A little staining with an oil-based makeup will do the trick. Don’t ask questions. Your chemistry teacher will tell you that it’s not a big deal. If you leave your love doll unattended, it will disintegrate. If it is serious, you can buy a color paste and use it for 24 hours. However, this is usually not recommended because it is corrosive. (Some of you who prefer black silk will need to wear flesh colored silk over your black silk to prevent it from staining).

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the problem with cleaning the pussy. In the gift there is a pussy wash that can be used both orally and anally, so the virgin can do it cheaper and easier. Use it as soon as you see something, and like the absorbent pen, suck, spray, suck, spray… . . It has a residue, easy to use and makes real dolls sit upright. The water will drain naturally. Or you can take a hair dryer and blow it off. For the first time in a long time, you can use Hojanjay and other products instead of sex dolls themselves, and it has a disinfecting effect. You can use more detergents, but be sure to use herbal, neutral ingredients. If you don’t know them, ask. These are just a few dozen pieces of foyanjay. The mouth is the same as the vagina, but it needs to be unscrewed and cleaned. The mouth can be kissed, but comrades with bad breath must complete the cleaning. Why do I know so much, please do not ask for a lesson in blood and tears.

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