Cleaning and Caring for Your Sex Doll

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TPE sex dolls do require some essential maintenance after sex. You’ll need to clean her out, and you get the option of a removable or fixed vagina for your realistic sex doll. A fixed vagina has more of a realistic look than a removable, but it also takes longer to clean, and you might find it a frustrating process.

A removable vagina allows you to remove it from the sex doll after use, and there are also replacement parts available for your doll. With a removable vagina in your sex doll, you don’t have to worry about dragging her around the house for cleaning. If your massive dick damages her during sex, you can always contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

Cleaning your real sex doll requires the use of soapy water, and in minutes, she’s ready for round two. You can put makeup on your sex doll as well. TPE is a sensitive material, so you’ll need to remove her makeup after use to prevent any staining of her skin.

Similarly, there’s nothing wrong with playing dress-up with your new sex partner, but you’ll need to remove the clothing before storage. TPE might absorb chemicals and dyes from the lingerie or underwear, staining her skin.

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