Cheap MINI SEX DOLLs Have A Short Lifespan

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Cheap sex dolls are inflatable, which are called inflatable dolls. These inflatable dolls cost less than US$50-80 and are usually made of welded vinyl.

Such an inflatable doll looks a lot like a real person. Their vaginas and penis are loosely designed, but because of their reasonable prices, many users are willing to ignore their shortcomings. Usually, the seam will break after a few times of use, the price is cheap but the life is short.

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In the mid-price range ($100 to about $500), mini sex dolls are made of thick vinyl or heavy latex and do not use welds or a mixture of polyurethane and silicone.

Most of them have plastic mannequin heads and wigs, plastic or glass eyes, and sometimes the shapes of hands and feet are also suitable. Some vinyl dolls may contain water-filled body parts, such as breasts and buttocks. Latex dolls are produced in Hungary, China and France, but currently only produced by French manufacturers.

During the manufacturing process, most latex dolls can be covered with a fine zinc oxide coating upon delivery. This can usually be removed by the consumer by placing the doll in the shower. Otherwise, latex is an inert, non-toxic natural material. However, some users may experience latex allergies.

The most expensive sex dolls (about 1,000-3,000 US dollars or more) are usually made of a thermoplastic elastomer called silicone or TPE. The love dolls made of these two materials are very realistic. In some cases, realistic skin materials (similar to those used in movie special effects) and realistic (or even real) hair are modeled by real human models. These dolls are usually articulated PVC or metal skeletons with flexible joints that can be placed in different positions for display and sexual activity. Silicone and TPE dolls are much heavier than vinyl and latex inflatable dolls (mainly made of air), but the weight is only about half of a real person of the same size.

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