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High Quality Silicone Mini Sex Doll Alani 102cm

Doll size
·Height:3ft 3 / 102cm
·Weight:31.5Lbs / 14.3kg
·Upper bust * waist * hip:20.4in*14.5in*23.6in / 52*37*60cm
·Hand length:N
·Foot length:5.3in / 13.5 cm
·Vagina Depth:6.1in / 15.5 cm
·Anal depth:N
·Oral depth:N


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What is the difference between Japanese in-stock and Chinese shipping? Which one do I choose if I want to receive the goods immediately?

If you have visited the MISSSE product pages, you may have noticed that some products have the words “shipped from China” written in the top left corner. What is the difference between an item that says “shipped domestically” and another item?

Let’s start with the conclusion that there is no difference other than the price and speed of arrival of the item.

If you know anything about physical dolls, you will know that although there are some very well known physical doll brands in Japan, most of the physical dolls sold in the world today are made in China, and most of MISSSE’s products are also shipped from China. Most of MISSSE’s products are also shipped from China, while those marked “shipped domestically” are shipped from MISSSE’s warehouse in Japan.

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The difference between the two is reflected in the following aspects.

Differences in nature.
-General merchandise is manufactured and shipped from China. They are shipped as soon as they are manufactured, so if you buy a regular product, you can rest assured that you will always receive the latest manufactured product.
-Domestic shipments do not mean that the product is made in Japan, but rather that MISSSE ships the product in bulk from China to our company warehouse in Japan, where it is managed and shipped by dedicated personnel. This management includes, but is not limited to, counting the quantity of goods, protecting the quality of goods in stock from damage, etc. Although not the latest manufacture, they are managed by professionals in the most professional way and are indistinguishable from new items, except that they have an earlier birthday.

High Quality Silicone Mini Sex Doll Alani-06

Customisable or not.
-Ordinary items are produced upon receipt of an order. Customisation options are available on the page, so you can choose the option you like to customise and welcome your own exclusive doll.
-Domestic shipping items are not available for additional customisation changes as they have already been made. All are made according to the default options, and all parts of the doll remain the same as the photos on the product page, and are made to the same standards as the China shipments.

Price differences.
-Ordinary products are shipped from China, and the cost of transporting a single piece to Japan by air is higher, so the price of the product is higher.
-Domestic shipments are shipped in bulk to Japanese warehouses by sea, so the cost of shipping is spread out over each item and the price is relatively low.

Speed of arrival.
-Ordinary goods shipped from China often take 2-3 days from manufacturing to shipping, while shipping time depends on the international logistics company. Goods shipped from China usually choose Fedex to transport the goods. If the volume of cross-border goods is large enough to keep them busy, the transit time will be longer. If the opposite is true, it will take less time. MISSSE guarantees to deliver the most perfect and beautiful dolls to you, but don’t worry if they are damaged in transit, our customer service will advise you on the best way to handle them.
-Items shipped within Japan can be shipped directly without manufacturing time as they are already manufactured. Usually we choose Sagawa Express to ship the products. It often only takes 2-3 days for the doll to reach you.

In summary: If you need to customise your product, you will need to choose items shipped from China.
If you are looking for a quicker delivery of MISSSE physical dolls at a lower price and do not need a customised doll, then a domestic shipment from Japan may be a better option for you. Of course not every item is available in our Japanese warehouse, but if there is one you like, then you are in luck and should take advantage of this opportunity to buy it before anyone else does, it is a great bargain.

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