Brenna – Teen Sex Doll Christmas Sex Gift | Big Breast Mini TPE Sex Doll – 130cm

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Big Breast Christmas Mini TPE Sex Doll Brenna 130cm

Doll size
·Height:4ft 2 / 130cm
·Weight:41.2Lbs / 18.7kg
·Bust * Waist * Hip:27.1in*16.9in*25.9in  / 69cm*43cm*66cm
·Hand length:19.2in / 49cm
·Foot length:6.2in / 16cm
·Vagina Depth:6.6in / 17cm
·Anal depth:5.9in / 15cm
·Oral depth:5.9in / 15cm


Background Story:

Brenna is a TPE sex doll with a height of 130cm.In real life, because of the poor performance caused by the breakup, you must be accompanied by the love doll to have a crazy sexual experience. Middle-aged and elderly people are their perfect life partners, with love dolls. The lack of sex life of couples, life-size love dolls, protect their marriage and satisfy their deep desire for sex.Your fashion model may also be the ultimate one-time payment enthusiast. Your only choice is the curved love doll. Use your beautiful sexy doll to gain female sexual attraction: it is difficult to refuse sex dolls. Love dolls, like humans, can be satisfied with their filthy sexual desires that people don’t know. If you pair sexy lingerie with a lovely woman with a perfect figure, you will be overwhelmed by her fetish. She will not feel upset or make you uncomfortable. For her, you should try some beautiful ideas.

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Buy an AI masturbator men

In most cases, AI TPE love dolls are not offered to customers as a personal application. Instead, the product they use is enhanced by AI functionality. This is the same as Siri improved as a new application for new Apple products.

What is an AI Real Love Doll?
Artificial Intelligence is a new technology that simulates human intelligence in machines. These machines are programmed to act and think like normal humans; AI generally refers to machines that must be programmed to exhibit characteristics related to problem solving and learning. This is similar to the way the human mind works.
Sex dolls with artificial intelligence are equipped with the special ability to blink and even smile. They can turn their head and raise their vivid eyebrows comfortably and easily. They can also move their eyes and blink. They are like normal humans and can even move their lips and mouth in sync when they speak.

AI-controlled silicone sex dolls make conversation possible
The artificially intelligent designed sex dolls are equipped with smart body sensors that can easily respond to touch. Touch one of the perfectly placed body sensors, and she will respond with a soft sound and moan depending on the arousal level you set. These smart sex sensors are located in the arm, vaginal and breast areas. They react just like normal women when they are aroused.

This artificial intelligence equipped love doll has an interactive voice system that allows you to talk to her. She can successfully converse with you and can engage in sexual and non-sexual conversations. With Love Doll Video, AI technology allows your sex doll to learn more about you as you interact with her. She can turn her head when she agrees or disagrees with you.
Thanks to AI technology, it is now possible to heat the RealDoll to 37 degrees Celsius, which is the normal body temperature of a woman.
The obvious safety issues with electric heating systems have led to the emergence of battery-powered, real-life sex dolls. These sex dolls must be slightly overheated to reach normal human temperatures. Our engineering team has conducted a series of tests to ensure that our electric real dolls are 100% certified by our customers’ real doll reviews. Only a fully integrated heating system like this ensures that your love doll will reach a normal body temperature.
With no other system can you switch directly between heating functions. As soon as the ideal body temperature is reached, the system switches off automatically. This means you can turn on the heating before you start working and be done when you’re done.

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