Black Real Doll – Some people’s favorite dolls

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If you’re an asshole, then this Real Doll product really can’t be beat.





Let’s face it, many of the Real Doll we see are young, slim, have big boobs and white, Asian or anime faces. You may be wondering if diversity is the spice of life? Where is the spice? Where is the love for our dark skinned girls? We want our ebony beauties tall, short, skinny, curvy, big thighs, big or small breasts – we want it all!
Nyx is the newest doll of all of us and we think she looks like one of the beauties from the rap video. She has beautiful lips and almond-shaped eyes, a perfectly shaped nose and chin. Tanned skin, small breasts, coin cat …… is amazing!
If you’re a sucker for a tight butt, you really can’t beat this doll product. If it also uses both TPE and silicone heads to make some of their faces very realistic, check out the level of detail on this ebony beauty’s lips and nipples. It is one of the full versions of TPE.
It’s hard to imagine Nyx showing off her beautiful ‘Coco’ skin. Not to worry, WM Doll produces lovely and realistic skin tones that really glow and stand out when the light is just right.Nyx is in good hands here, WM Doll is one of the leading manufacturers of TPE love dolls and they sell a wide selection of black sex dolls.

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