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I’m not talking about dildos. I’m talking about a head-to-toe humanoid doll with pubic hair, freckles, and a working woodpecker.

When your partner isn’t around, it’s perfect to unleash your libido in another way. Playing with sex dolls can be taboo for many people. But more and more people think it comes naturally, and society is increasingly welcoming it.

“I want to tell you one thing: I cheated on you with a robot.” This seems to be the plot of a movie or novel? This can be you saying this to your partner, or it can be your partner communicating this to you.

Having sex with lifelike full-size love sex dolls is nothing new. It’s not like you’re having sex with a real person and wouldn’t be considered morally cheating. But if your question is about the biological sensations of having sex with a sex doll, then I’d say it’s no different than having sex with a real human.

















Sex dolls have realistic appearance and sex holes, as soft as real skin, and can unlock almost all sexual positions. Oh, don’t blush. Sex dolls aren’t that bad. In recent years, there has been so much talk about female sex dolls that they almost became mainstream. It has appeared in Hollywood movies (Lars And The Real Girl), documentaries (Guys and Dolls) and even artwork (How We See).

Judging from the sales performance of doll makers over the years, sex dolls are becoming more and more popular. Much of this comes down to being a committed and stable sexual partner. By gender, it can be female sex dolls, male sex dolls and transgender sex dolls.

Female sex dolls and sex robots are already popular, so the male version isn’t a huge surprise. If you’re looking for male dolls, you’ve come to the right place. We have male dolls for women in our store. Not only that, but gay men can also use it.

You might be shocked, why would a woman — a woman — want to have sex with a piece of silicone?

Aren’t real men more advanced than this? Lonely, sex-hungry men may have sex with all things that have holes. But a woman? Unbelievable, doesn’t she need a fiery heartbeat close and hot against her skin?

Until I got to know a woman, Carly Sciortino. I just found out that it’s clearly not. Sciortino is a sex columnist. In a 20-minute documentary, she had sex with a handsome male sex doll named Gabriel.

In the documentary, host Karley Sciortino tries to find a female owner who has male sex dolls. The host wants to exchange some questions with her about the views of male dolls. As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy – but they did find someone, Jessica Ryan.

She is an adult film star who lives in Los Angeles. She said there was no shame in owning a sex doll. Youth, liveliness, and self-confidence are reflected in her. Is it nothing like the socially awkward hermit you imagined?

Ryan explained why he bought male dolls. She is separated from her boyfriend, and it is difficult to have casual sex. Therefore, male sex dolls are a perfect solution。

She reclined on the sofa, and placed the male doll’s arm casually on her lap. Ease! Without warning, we watched as she straddled the male doll, kissed and stroked him, and then— oh my god— rode Gabriel. His plastic hands caressed her nipples.

“It feels…it’s completely indistinguishable from a real person,” she panted to the camera, “except that I have complete control.” Are you horrified when you see this scene? Maybe someday in the future, it might even be a little bit. . . normal.

In other words, male sex dolls will one day enter the mainstream market for adult products. As of now, almost all doll makers have new male dolls.

Male dolls can be divided into two types according to the material, one is TPE male sex doll, the other is silicone head & TPE body sex doll. Full silicone male sex doll is rare, so to speak, almost none.

Usually the height of male dolls is more than 160 cm, which is similar to the height of real men. Most of them have strong muscles and are mature and sexy men. The strong masculinity gives you enough sense of security. The hard and thick bionic penis easily meets your expectations and satisfies your desires.

What is your emotional reaction when you see a lifelike male doll standing in front of you? Confusing or exciting?

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