Are there any side effects of long-term use of sex dolls by single people

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Sex doll is a product used by adults and a spiritual product for single men, which has only appeared in the past ten years. When some men use this kind of product, will they feel awkward psychologically? This is a topic worth discussing in detail. So will there be side effects after long-term use of sex doll? Generally, as long as you buy the products of regular merchants, the materials inside are guaranteed. And I should also pay attention to the hygiene of dolls and individuals. For example, the dolls should be cleaned before they are used, and cleaned in time after they are used.
How did the psychological awkwardness come about? In fact, I had this feeling at the beginning. Why? Because the feeling of sex doll and real people will make you feel unreal about the world, especially the silicone head doll. The exquisite makeup and realistic expression make me feel as if she will speak to me in the next moment. Therefore, it is normal to feel awkward in the face of this lifelike head sculpture while using a non moving doll. The most important thing is, of course, not to indulge in sex doll.
★ 1. The structure of sex doll is similar to that of a real person, and a relatively perfect structure is formed through scientific inversion. When in use, the regular siphon contraction will cause a certain pressure on the doll channel with your continuous experience.
★ 2. Is it good to use sex doll for a long time? Although the material of sex doll is safe, non-toxic and harmless to human body, it is not suitable for long-term use. If a person relies too much on sex doll and is only satisfied with immersing himself in sex doll, it is a bad signal.
★ 3. Will there be side effects when using sex doll? Sex doll is a product used by highly simulated adults, which can be divided into male oriented and female oriented. The toy is different from dolls and BJD dolls. It is made of silicone material or TPE material to imitate human body structure, which is safe and non-toxic. The volume is close to the size of adults. It is soft and elastic. It can be reused after cleaning.
★ 4. Taboos on the use of sex doll. The internal structure of sex doll’s body is set by imitating the actions of human beings. The reverse bending or excessive force of hands and feet will cause the bones inside to break or the internal structure to be damaged, reduce the service life, and cannot be repaired. A better way to keep it is to keep it upright and face up.

The materials used in sex doll are generally elaborately made of high-grade non-toxic TPE materials. The expensive high-grade sex doll is made of pure silica gel. So, what are the side effects of sex doll? Obviously, it doesn’t, so if you don’t choose those inferior and low-grade products, you don’t have to worry about any side effects on the human body

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