A man living with a TPE love doll as a partner

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According to media reports, a man in his 50s suffering from a regional leg condition could not find a suitable person. He had been single for 20-30 years and was struggling to live alone. On the recommendation of a friend, I chose my RealDoll as a partner.

According to the officials, the man understood the man’s behavior and not only slept with his love doll in his arms, but also took the sex doll to meals and other activities where no one from the society was present. Some believe that such a man suffers from mental illness as if he were a real partner. In fact, upon further information, this man is so because I totally lumped the criteria for a partner and my love for TPE dolls, but this is actually caused by some very real things about this product.

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Thanks to these products they are not too different from real people, they are about the same size, look beautiful and there are several types that can be customized to your needs. This man has always lived alone, and I can imagine that life is not so difficult when I accompany a real love doll like this one and have the feeling of being alone. After all, this sex doll is more intelligent and can make sounds as well as the temperature of the human body, so it is especially comfortable and certainly many people would choose such a product.

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