10 crazy stories about sex dolls. (Medium)

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Here are 10 crazy stories about sex dolls that you should know.
Given the popularity of the sex dolls trend in recent years, you’d be surprised how many weird stories and statistics there are about this phenomenon. Here are some of the stories you might want to know about sex dolls.







1.Sex dolls can become very realistic. From the movement and mobility of the limbs to the details on the eyebrows, a love doll can almost look like a real person through careful workmanship. The most important thing is that their weight can also be made realistic, because realistic sex dolls weigh the same as real people, between 15 and 45 kg.

2.Many sex doll manufacturers also offer male sex doll. But on average. These only account for about 10% of total sales. The selection of male sex dolls is very small and the customization is much less.

3.Because of their love of the sex doll industry and culture, they like to refer to themselves as “doll enthusiasts.” This fandom revolves around their shared love of sex dolls, many of which they consider companions. For most of these people, it is too difficult to relate to other people, which is why they turn to sex dolls. Many say that buying a Cheap Sex Doll is better than dating a real girlfriend, and that sex dolls don’t lie, cheat or criticize them like normal people do.

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